Education system

I wish to take the whole education system in the court and accuse them of mentally, physical torture, fraud.

The system is making the kids study what they don’t like, making them do tons of homework against their physical strength and assuring them that they will become a famous person by studying but kids are not able to because the system is teaching them against their will.

I am myself confused over why am I studying this holy crap of education system which is of no use, as it does not help me in following my passion, some people might say that the education today we are attaining is allowing us to explore why and how of this world but I want to cross question them and ask why can’t I learn that why and how of the world my own way.Is the education system asked to produce robots 🤖 of kids!

The motive of school of future is very genuine but the people of our world are blindfolded towards it. The current structure doesn’t aims to let kids find their own interest and work towards, instead it aims to develop the interest of kids in the field of science and maths only.I just don’t know what the freak these officials are doing?

There is a strong urge to change education structure all over the world and evolve a system which allows the kid to find his/her own passion and build upon that from his childhood. He should also be provided with the option of changing his passion anytime and work upon that.

“The current software of education system is producing machines, not talents.

Which book has impacted on my life and how?

The way I talk, the way I infer a thing is the sorcery of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. This book has taught me a lot throughout my life. The prodigious series of Harry Potter was introduced to me in class 8th. I read the 7 parts within the space of one month.

While reading Harry Potter, I saw how people of different backgrounds (giants, mud-blood, and pure-bloods) are friends
together. I realized, diversities can exist in this world, and from then on I made friends (no matter if he is a Muslim!)

Apparently, I even realized that it was all fake with reference to the book but I decided that I would bring this diversity
among people for sure.

The harry potter series brought out my public fear. It taught me that if you have the courage to dream big, then you can
surely make it come true, fighting against all odds. I always felt underconfident while speaking in public, but after reading
how Harry, Ron, and even Neville all revealed themselves to the Voldemort’s army as they had the outstanding courage to
speak in front of Voldemort. I gathered up the courage and gave a speech in front of the whole school, which ended up quite

The way Harry Potter and Dumbledore are always keen to help the society. Then I started realizing the plethora of problems
that exist in my society and figuring out the solution to resolve them humorously. As a result I organized a summer camp for
holistic devlopment of those kids who are addited to rote learning.

Are national borders necessary?

The almighty joined us in the form of a single atom (world) but we divided ourselves into multiple atoms (countries). I
antagonize to borders of any sort! What’s the benefit of having national borders? just to separate countries, stop illegal
immigration and smuggling but still, all these illegal things happen outside our country and enter our country! The only
conclusion I can draw out of this is that borders are just for the sake of separating countries, showcasing the powerful and
huge army they have.
Just imagine how easily the world would have been functioning, without borders, I understand that there will be loads of problems but if we perform the cost benefit analysis we would find that it is beneficial for the countries to abolish borders and European Union is a prime example of it.

It is estimated that the world’s GDP could be increased (even doubled) at a very rapid rate if borders are removed. It is also
estimated that poverty can be combated at the global level in a very short period of time. But why aren’t we doing it then?
If we think about it critically we will come to a conclusion that rich countries and even poor countries (with natural wealth)
do not prefer to work in a group because it threatens distribution of their income and natural resources among a larger group of people. They don’t understand if the world lives together as a whole we can bring drastic changes to our lifestyle, environment.

Teachers teach about globalization in the modern world and how hastily it is occurring but if we google what percentage of
people have never travelled out of their motherland, the percentage comes out to be 97% just as the same percentage as it was in the 1900’s. Well, that is a shame for us as a whole! I feel that the percent would not have been the same if the
countries would have decided to abolish borders as then it would have been cheaper to travel from one place to another. It
remains a myth that migration of people to a certain area would affect the local population; instead, researches have shown that migration has a positive impact on employment and wages of native people.

The points I listed above are based on probability (they might succeed or even fail) but there is one reason that will bring
desired results for sure. Open borders will encourage people of different communities to come together and reproduce
young ones which have the traits of both mother and father. Suppose a person living in an arctic region reproduces a young
one with a woman living in S. Africa then the kid will be able to have two diverse cultures, languages and what not, but in
reality, only a large percentage of the population is not able to do it because of many problems arising in national borders.

l place my confidence in the decision for countries to abolish national borders and mark an end to a new beginning! If we
think about the unthinkable, then only we achieve the unthinkable.